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Mastering a better apple pie


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Looks like a good recipe, but without good apples, it's not going to be much good.

I've lived in Japan 40 years and I've never come across a good cooking apple. There is nothing to beat a Bramley!

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Here Here, Bramley best cooking apple there is for pies.

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Mom used to make the best pies, apple and otherwise. It is rare to find a commercially made pie that is very good. The secret ingredient to making good crust? Pure lard.

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It is rare to find a commercially made pie that is very good.

I agree, but Costco apple pies are surprisingly good!

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The Great Japanese Bake Off!! agree, without sour apples the pie will not be very good. Maybe try rhubarb??

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Bramleys great. If you're looking for a good cooking apple in Japan, try Jonagold or--if you can find them--Haku-9 or Jazz.

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Seriously. I mean, why even add "McIntosh, Macoun, Cortland and Empire" in this JapanToday article since they are nowhere to be found in Japan.

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I wonder how much it would cost to make one of these delicious pies (in Japan) ...

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I was surprised during my last visit to Japan in 2005 that Mac Donald's Japan didn't serve apple pies like they do in the USA. Actually they are more like apple turnovers and very good and not expensive, about Y125 for one and Y200 for two. I do like good apple pie.

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