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Mavericks Beer Station’s Draft Beer in PET bottles now available for delivery

By cinnamonellie, grape Japan

Mavericks Beer Station, located in Saitama Prefecture’s Ageo City, it’s the first in the world to have a delivery service that sends cold barrels of beer to your door in less than one hour.

Last summer, they came up with a safe way of making the beer-lovers in the city happy and have started a delivery service for cold barrels of fresh, delicious, and authentic German Reinheitsgebot. You can read more about it here.

Now, the same Mavericks Beer Station once again got creative and started delivering the restaurant’s beer all over Japan in special made Pet Bottles that keep the beer fresh.

They fill up the pet bottles with approved and rich German beer and are now delivering it to all beer-fans across the country.

The beer filling the special made Pet Bottles is the Erdinger Weiss Beer, the restaurant’s best beer, and one of the most popular beers from the world-famous beer festival Oktoberfest.

Now, during the winter, and in times of pandemic, when we should be more careful and refrain from going outside, enjoying a glass of fresh German beer in the comfort of your homes comes as a perfect gift.

You can order it online on Rakuten (500 ml x 6 bottles for 4,950 yen, tax included) or Amazon for the same price and free shipping.

Furthermore, Mavericks Beer Station has also started delivery for Gold Broy in PET Bottles (500ml). You can buy the Steigle Gold Broy and Erdinger comparison draft beer set (500 ml x12 for 8,910 yen) online on Amazon or Rakuten.

For more information, check the Mavericks Beer Station's Official Website.

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PET bottles.

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Nice but expensive.

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The center glass has a great shape. I always liked drinking milk shakes out of such a shaped glass.

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I'll pass. The plastic bottles and white tags make them look like urine samples.

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I love buying all the different microbrews here but that price is steep. All I wanna do is try one first then buy more if I like it.

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