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McDonald’s Japan’s matcha dessert family grows with new strawberry green tea Frappe

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Every time a restaurant or cafe chain in Japan announces a new line of sweets, we’re filled with a powerful mix of emotions. Two of them, naturally, are joy and hunger, but there’s also a little bit of fear in our hearts.

See, a lot of these desserts are limited time affairs, so when McDonald’s Japan recently added delicious Matcha Frappes to its menu at locations that include the chain’s sub-brand McCafe by Barista offerings, we figured the clock was already ticking. But now comes the good news that not only is the green tea dessert drink family sticking around, it’s growing.

Now there is the Strawberry Matcha Frappe (or Ichigo Matcha Frappe, if you want to order using the marque fruit’s Japanese name). In contrast to the ultra-Japanese Kinako Matcha Frappe, which is spruced up with roasted soybean powder and Okinawan brown sugar syrup, the Strawberry Matcha Frappe takes a more Western course to deliciousness.

Starting at the bottom, there’s a layer of strawberry-infused whipped cream and tartly sweet strawberry syrup with bits of fruit (sort of like the construction of Starbucks’ new kabocha Japanese pumpkin Frappuccinos). Sitting atop that is a creamy mix of Kyoto Uji matcha green tea and milk sourced from Japanese domestic dairies, and at the very top is a tall swirl of even more strawberry whipped cream, dusted with matcha powder and drizzled with strawberry sauce.

While matcha has been proven many times over to go well with the sweet, bitter, and rich notes of brown or white chocolate, pairing green tea with strawberry is a rarer choice. Still, it worked for Mujirushi with their matcha chocolate-covered strawberries, and we’re looking forward to the Strawberry Matcha Frappe (which costs 490 yen for a medium) on sale now at McDonald’s McCafe by Barista locations,.

Source: McDonald’s via Japaaan

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