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McDonald's can't shake criticism about nutrition


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Although Im not a fan of McDs, I think that a lot of these complaints are silly. Yes, they are marketing towards children, but parents have the final say if the kid will be eating there. Also, having spokespeople from different backgrounds is necessairy or else people would be complaining that they are racist. McDs also has a fund to help sick children go to hospitals, so that might be why they are also found at hospitals. It is really simple in my opinion, choose to eat their food if you want or choose to go somewhere else.

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McDonalds is always full of people. Brainless.

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It's still junk food, marketing is aimed towards children and poor people. A fund to help sick kids in hospitals is just marketing. How many people are sick because of a fast food life? I agree with ditching the stomach-turning clown. Only point in Mickey D's favor is that they ban smoking in their greasy dens. Oh, and I never eat there.

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McDonald's is a fine restaurant bringing a good, affordable meal to people through out the world. As for the young girl's comment, the old adage ," children should be seen and not heard" is quite fitting.

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i only ever eat that stuff when drunk and there is no other option. That's the only time it tastes edible to me.

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like rice; a billion people eat it. How can they all be wrong.

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What about ramen and katsu kare?

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How many people are sick because of a fast food life?

Not many. Only the moron who thought it was a good idea to eat one of everything for every meal every day for a month.

Among those was a 9-year-old girl who asked Thompson to stop “tricking kids into eating your food.”

I bet $1 million her parents put her up to that for the publicity.

People just don't understand moderation, and think they have to get something every day just because it's there. I eat McDonald's when I'm in a hurry, or when I'm out with my friends doing something. I get a McChicken, which honestly isn't bad for you at all with only 300 calories and 11g of fat without mayo. Can't really beat that value for $1.

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Well, i IS a purveyor of junk food. It is Mac Donalds. I don´t get what these people want. Mac D can peddle whatever food they want, and these people are free eat it or not. I do not eat it, but that is my choice. I am not trying to dictate what a junk food chain can and can not sell. Sheesh.

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I'm totally in favor of a ban of all ads and marketing directed to kids. Ban in school (in countries where it's allowed), in all sports facilities (even ditch the vending machines that have "brands", put water fountains), in all event and publications for kids and teens, in amusement places. Make them shelf the toys, gadgets, characters.

a fund to help sick children go to hospitals,

Children hospitals that could be fully funded by tax money if macdo, coke, kellogs, nutella, etc, were paying their due corporate taxes and they don't. Then , they buy the right the put their ads in there. So even when you go to the pediatrist's, your kids will get ads all around, may be given material. Whenever they have a chance, they also go inside schools by proposing "free meals". Or they send people to give lectures and explain to kiddos Ronald is the new Jesus-Christ so you support good action by buying crap... Get them out.

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Cos: In Canada. children are completely covered by the government medical system. However, parents need a place to stay when their children are in the hospital, sometimes months at a time. This is where the fund usually helps out. It helps the families have a comfortable stay while they are in need. A few of my friends were able to get assistance through this system and were greatly appreciative. Every country is different though... As for banning ads, seems a little extreme. I would rather teach children to be responsible and to question advertising rather than just let them figure it out when they are adults. But of course, not all parents would be willing to do that.

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McDonald’s undermines parents by marketing to children.

A kid's magazine featuring the popular kids' characters here has a free DVD which features 'transformer' toys including (coincidentally) those that are available with Happy Meals.

This insidious, cynical marketing is no different from your friendly local drug dealer.

There's no way we would go to McDonalds. However, our little one's friends regularly have those giveaway toys, and we dread the inevitable invitation to 'eat' there.

Can't really beat that value for $1.

You get what you pay for. Enjoy!

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