McDonald's confronts its junk food image


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Mc Donald's business is modeled around cheap food at low prices. Yes, it's rubbish... but it's what the customers want. When I do go to Mc Donald's, I DO NOT go for a salad. If I wanted a salad, I would just go to a salad bar. There are tons of healthy choices out there, (Subway, My Fit Foods, Sweet Tomatoes, Panera, the produce section of the supermarket) so that is not why Mc Donald's exists. Mc Donald's is a cheap, bad for you thrill, like a $3 six pack on a Saturday night... you don't do it often, but when you are down to your last $5 and you want a buzz, you don't want to see all the store shelves stocked with premium organic microbrewery beers costing more than $10 for a four pack. And, yes, there will always be people who live off the stuff. But it turns out you can't save people from themselves. I do think there is a growing consumer awareness (mostly rooted in ignorance and shallow news reports) towards healthier eating, but it is not going to help Mc Donald's. No one wants to go to Mc Donald's for a $14 artisan organic beet burger. It's just not going to work. Keep peddling your rubbish, Ronald, and I'll make a better effort to visit you a little more often.

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It is junk, the cheapest rubbish they can find, processed into cubes and discs, add a dollop of grease and a spoonful of salt to disguise the taste and flog it by the bucketload. Farmyard animals often eat better.

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Super Size ME !!!

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Most fast food is a mixture of chemicals, sugar, flavoring, salt, and additives along with a slew of synthetic chemicals. So if you value your health it would be wise to avoid a fast food diet because it promotes high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes. If your at all concerned about your health, nutrition is paramount because your diet accounts for about 80 percent of the health benefits for a healthy lifestyle with the remaining 20 percent for exercise.

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