McDonald’s Japan teaming up with Doraemon

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It’s no secret that McDonald’s Japan has been enthusiastic about collaborating with various anime and character franchises to come up with goodies for children. In the past we’ve seen toys featuring Pokémon and Yokai Watch, as well as Pretty Cure, Super Mario and Transformers, among others, being offered with their Happy Meals, and kids certainly seem to be, well, happy with their Happy Meals, since almost 100 million of these sets are apparently sold in Japan each year.

This month, none other than Doraemon, the time-travelling blue cat robot, makes an appearance as six different Happy Meal toys, and they definitely look ready to delight children across Japan.

The Doraemon toys have just been released from McDonald’s this past Friday, in collaboration with the new movie "Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Heroes" that is currently being shown in theaters across Japan.

There are three types of toys available at this moment, and a different set of three toys will be offered starting March 20. Some of them feature Doraemon gadgets we know well, and we can see how these baubles may get kids excited.

The three toys currently available are the “Anywhere Door Game”, “Doraemon and the Spinning Burger” and “Look into it! Scope”. From March 20, the three new ones will be the “Run! UFO”, “Exciting! Space Camera” and the “Memory Bread Drawing Kit.”

The “Anywhere Door Game (Dokodemo Door Game)” is actually a miniature pinball machine in the shape of the Anywhere Door, which has to be one of Doramen’s most popular tools. There’s a different game on each side of the door, so you get two games in one toy.

The “Doraemon and the Spinning Burger (Doraemon to Kurukuru Burger)” features the Burger Director character that appears in the new movie. With this toy, when you place Doraemon and Burger Director close to each other, the Burger Director will start spinning.

This “Look Into it! Scope (Nozoite! Scope)” acts as a periscope, and you can look through the lens from the back of the planet on which Doraemon is sitting.

You can wind up the “Run! UFO (Hashire! UFO)” to propel it forward. What’s neat about this toy is that it can detect and avoid obstacles and also avoid falling off the edge of the table.

This “Exciting! Space Camera (Dokidoki! Space Camera) lets you see four different Doraemon movie scenes by looking through the lens and turning the dial on the side.

The “Memory Bread Drawing Kit (Oekaki Anki Pan)” contains five picture cards that you can copy and trace to create 10 different types of illustrations.

Sources: McDonald’s Japan, Comic Natalie

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They are trying anything to get back in the game.

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This article talks as if this is the first time McDonald's has carried doraemon toys they carry them every time a doraemon movie is release. Which is every spring.

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