Mos Foods opens Mother Leaf Tea Style cafe


Mos Food Service, operator of the popular Mos Burger fast food chain, has opened its first Mother Leaf Tea Style black tea cafe in Tokyo's Tachikawa Ward. The new location serves tea blends based on black tea leaves, and waffles with a variety of toppings.

Mos Foods plans on eventualy opening 23 such locations that specialize in authentic tea. The company aims to provide consumers with a cafe style setting to relax and have a drink and snack. It has even employed a tea specialist to research appropriate teas and tea blends. The new concept stores aim to appeal to a customer base of 20-40-year-old women.

To further appeal to consumers, Mos Foods set a standard price of about 300 yen for a regular drink. The new store offers 22 different varieties of tea blends with a black tea base and fruit flavors and nine other varieties.

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I don't care about tea. When can we get decent sandwiches in this country like Pret??? Huge need!

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tmarie; Good sandwiches can be had at my house after my wife has baked some of her delicous crusty English loaves. Yes sandwiches are quite poor in Japan. Mostly small, overpriced with often bizarre choices of fillings.

The biggest question for those of us from the land of tea drinkers (Britain), is this; Tetleys or PG Tips?

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Great.. Get your wife to make me a falafel and hummus sandwich on wholewheat - extra tahini in the hummus - and have her send it my way.

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tmarie; She can do all that easily. She attended weekly cooking classes at college when we lived in London. Thankfully she doesn't think cooking includes covering everything is soy sauce or soy sauce based sauce. Making decent sandwiches is generally expensive in Japan due to hard to find pricey ingredients.

Mos Burger has lost a lot of its appeal to me. The menu is poorer than in the 90's and the burgers seem smaller than before. It is far better than McDonalds though but if i want ssndwiches and teas i will always have at home when in Japan.

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Y300 fro a cuppa, not even PG Tips. Tmarie, get yourself a bread maker and you can do all kinds of organic wholewheat breads with no conservatives.

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Foxie; I agree my breadmaker is fantastic, she also makes wonderfull cups of PG Tips (imported from England). the best one of course is the first of the morning when she brings with my cooked English breakfast. Now, if Mos could compete with that quality, then i would go there

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Your wife sounds lovely, and I totally agree, Japanese bread and sandwiches are awful. I cant stand that fluffy mochi-mochi style vaguely sweet bread with no crust.

It is easy to make bread without a machine when you have the time and the technique learnt. It is also much much cheaper. I made tex mex flour tortilla last night, and 16 cost me about 200 yen to make. they are 400 yen for 6 in the supermarket and mine are much nicer. Speciality organic wholewheat or graham flour is a bit hard to find, but when I see some I buy lots of it. I also know my bread has been made with mineral water, has no additives and the flour is imported, which is more than I can say for anything I buy outside the house.

Pret was in Tokyo about 10 years ago, then closed down within 6 months, Marie.

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Seriously it closed? With the crap sandwiches they sell here that is sad!! Mayo, fake cheese, crap white bread... I agree the ingredients are hard to find - or cost a lot!! I miss being able to get hummus, falafel and heck, bean sprouts!!

0 ( +0 / -0 ) Yes, it was open for 8 months in 2004, then withdrew from trading in Japan.

If you have a blender hummus is very easy. 600 grams drained chickpeas (canned), 4 cloves crushed garlic, 150 ml olive oil, 2 tsp ground cumin, Juice of 1 lemon, a little salt, and If you can find it, 2tsp tahini (or to taste). Put everything apart from the lemon and oil in a blender, and whizz until it is smooth, then put blender on pulse, add oil/lemon slowly until you get the right consistancy, about 150 ml. Paprika on top if you like. Voila. Just adjust the seasonings to your taste. It is not expensive to make and takes minutes. It keeps in the fridge for 5 days or so, but doesnt freeze well. A hand blender is very cheap and does the job well, you can also make yourself proper soup with it.

Falafel are also really easy. You cant find bean sprouts!? They are in my local supermarkets, along with the packaged ready prepared veg. I wont be coming to this site anymore, but wanted to at least give you the hummus recipe.

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Cheers for that! Not a bean sprout in sight where I am. Would also kill for some brussle sprouts!

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tmarie; themeatguy sells frozen brussel sprouts from Belgium or Holland i think. Always have them at Christmas. Some of the Aeon have fresh brussles but they are about 200Y for 6.

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Never seen them here - will check out the meatguy! Thanks!

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I like Mos Burger. So I often go to Mos Burger. I want to eat a cheeseburger.

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