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Muji warms you up this winter with a surprisingly delicious Apple Cinnamon Latte

By grape Japan

Japanese retailer Mujirushi Ryouhin (perhaps better known as Muji makes their name (literally) on their their no logo "minimalist" goods that include everything from furniture to stationery. However, they're also quite well known for their surprisingly delicious and affordably snacks, and even recently opened their first ever food-based store stocked with tasty bento and a curry bar.

So when we heard Muji had released a new seasonal beverage that's been getting rave reviews, we just had to head to our local Muji to pick one up and give a whirl! Released as a warming fall special, Muji is now serving up an Instant Apple Cinnamon Latte as part of their "café menu".

Photo: grape Japan

The new Apple Cinnamon Latte is an instant latte mix that combines the flavor with Fuji apples (known to be particularly sweet in Japan) along with a strong cinnamon aroma. At 390 yen a serving of ten cups, that makes for a pretty affordable 39 yen a cup. Simply combine 16g (4.5 teaspoons) of the mix with 140ml of hot water and your Apple Cinnamon Latte is ready to go.

When we poured in the hot water, we immediately noticed a strong fragrance of sweet and sour apples, and of course a fall cinnamon punch underneath that as well.

Photo: grape Japan

As for taste, the latte had a distinct creamy texture to it, and a strong apple sweetness finished by a mild sourness that quickly dissipates once the refreshing cinnamon kicks in. For such a simple to make drink, Muji's new Apple Cinnamon Latte is definitely worth picking up as a delicious fall drink to sip on.

Photo: grape Japan

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