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Nagoya soon to join Tokyo and get its own secret, members-only parfait bar

By Dale Roll, SoraNews24

If you’re a fan of swanky speak-easies and expensive parfaits made from luxury ingredients, then you’ll want to check out Tokyo’s super secretive, members-only parfait bar, Remake Easy. Hidden somewhere in the shopping neighborhood of Shibuya (they keep their address a secret), this bar with an underground feel serves beautiful parfaits, fancy cocktails, and a whole lot of class.

Remake Easy proved to be so popular that, when the company started recruiting members on Twitter, memberships sold out within minutes. Now, it’s known to be rather hard to join, which is why the company is hoping to expand. In fact, they’re currently in the process of crowdfunding for another location in the central Japanese city of Nagoya, and if the amount of investments streaming in is any indication, it’s going to be a very successful branch!

▼ A conceptual image of the interior of Remake Easy Nagoya


The campaign amassed more than 8.3 million yen in just 10 days, beating out the total amount of donations the original Shibuya branch received in the entire 30 days of its crowdfunding period. As of this writing, it has collected over 11 million yen. Who knows how high it will reach before it closes on September 30?

There are several different kinds of rewards for those willing to donate. The most popular option is multi-faceted: first, you get a Welcome Ticket, allowing you to visit Remake Easy Nagoya one time with up to three people. Second, you get a seasonal parfait and a drink to pair with it, as well as a welcome drink. And third, you get the opportunity for early enrollment as a Silver Member. This package costs 7,000 yen.


If you and a friend want to come and try out the parfaits and drinks at Remake Easy Nagoya together, then you also have the option to buy a two-person food and drink ticket, which comes with everything above but with a slight discount at 13,500 yen. Adding up to three parfaits to your ticket gives you even more of a discount, so it behooves you to invite your friends.


For 30,000 yen you can enroll as a Silver Member for a year as well as have the chance to rent a private room for free, saving 6,000 yen on the membership and 4,000 yen on the room rental. You can also rent a private room and buy parfaits, a pairing drink, a welcome drink, and a cocktail of your choice for up to eight people for 64,000 yen.

Some packages include a Black Membership, which allows you regular use of Remake Easy without any monthly or yearly fees or renewal fees for three years. The 100,000 yen reward, for example, includes a Black Membership as well as one seasonal parfait and pairing drink per month between October 2022 and September 2023. There are lots of options for those interested in becoming a member of this exclusive bar, so check out the crowdfunding campaign on Campfire if you’re interested.

Like the Tokyo branch, Remake Easy Nagoya’s address hasn’t been disclosed, although they have said it will be a three-minute walk from Fushimi Station, a busy business section of the city. To add to its ritzy charm, the bar will also only accept payments by credit cards–no cash allowed!–so make sure you’re prepared if you choose to visit.

Source, images: PR Times

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If you have that much extra money to burn and such need to special, I too will put ice cream in a bowl for you and tell you you're pretty.

As they say, a fool and their money are soon parted.

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As they say, a fool and their money are soon parted.

Or, an ice cream is worth however much a fool is willing to pay

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with that membership money i can buy luxurious ingredients and make a luxurious parfait myself. But still i bet they are tasty out there but i can do without a secret bar.

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