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Need a berry twist on your breakfast? Japan’s new strawberry sugar uses some of the tastiest in the country

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While there's no denying the appeal of a hearty breakfast, a serving of sweets in the morning can sometimes be the most delicious way to start the day off. Now breakfast lovers with a sweet tooth have a great way of adding the flavor of some of the most prized strawberries in Japan to their morning meal with gourmet "First Love" Strawberry Sugar.

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"First Love" Strawberry Sugar is a brightly colored granulated sugar containing freeze-dried strawberries. The strawberries used are the famous Tochiotome of Tochigi prefecture, which are known to have a delicious balance between sweetness and sourness.

Photo: grape Shop

Photo: grape Shop

The strawberries,crushed into large pieces, are combined with granulated sugar to create the gorgeous "Hatsukoi Sugar" (First Love Sugar).

The faintly pink color is not due to any coloring agent, but is the vibrant color of the Tochiotome strawberries themselves.

Photo: grape Shop

Photo: grape Shop

Opening the lid, you'll be greeted by the rich and fresh aroma of the strawberries, which make a perfect sweetener for tea.

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Another tasty option it to make strawberry toast by mixing the sugar with butter and spreading it on your morning slices.

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However you choose to enjoy it, First Love Strawberry Sugar from Japan will be a great way to add a sweet strawberry kick to your treats.

Photo: grape Shop

Check out delicious "First Love" Strawberry Sugar from Japan at grape SHOP.

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Or don’t eat sugar, as its very bad for you and will make you ill later in life.

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