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New Pepsi designed to specifically pair with fried chicken released in Japan

By grape Japan

If you're itching for a bottle of Pepsi in Japan, you might have a few options to choose from depending on the season. One of the new mainstays is Pepsi Japan Cola, an umami-spiked Pepsi made with a special salt and citrus formula made to for Japanese tastes. Seasonal releases have seen the shelves of Japanese convenience stores enjoy sakura and caramel punch flavored Pepsi offered as well.

Pepsi's new summer exclusive flavor in Japan once again is made with a special formula, this time being designed to taste great when pairing with Japanese-style fried chicken.

Pepsi Zero Karaage Senyo, which can be translated as Pepsi Zero Specialized for Karaage is a new formula Pepsi Zero made to be enjoyed along fried chicken, as its name says. For those not familiar, karaage is Japanese-style fried chicken (although there is actually a technical difference between karaage and fried chicken) that is a very popular bar food and bento box treat--a Suntory press release appropriately describes it as "food of the people" in Japan.

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So what makes this Pepsi Zero a perfect partner for fried chicken? According to Suntory, the new beverage has a lessened sweetness and not quite as sharp cola taste to allow eaters to more fully appreciate karaage flavor, and also contains dietary fiber to help cut through the fatty and oily nature of fried chicken.

The cola itself is clear in appearance and zero calorie, as it's made to be served with a hearty serving of karaage. The label features a sizzling batch of juicy fried chicken.

Pepsi Zero Karaage Senyo will be available throughout Japan in 600ml bottles beginning Jun 14th for a limited time.

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Why is it nearly impossible to get a normal Pepsi in Japan? Why is only Pepsi Zero ever available?

Only on a couple occasions (in the decades I've been here) did I ever see normal Pepsi. I bought several one time at a local store, went back a few weeks later, and they were sold out and never restocked it again.

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Fried Chook in a bottle ! Yeah I have One.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

It’s already surprising that they are allowed to call their beverages ‘cola’. lol

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Naw, that's ok, nothing beats an ice-cold glass of crystal natural spring water. I'll drink that non-stop!

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