New sandwich doughnuts from Mister Donut feature matcha, soybean flour and red beans

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

Mister Donut has released a new range of “Wa Doughnuts”, or “Japanese Doughnuts”, featuring traditional dessert flavors like matcha green tea, sweet adzuki red beans, kinako toasted soybean flour and warabi mochi, a jelly-like confection made from bracken starch.

There are a total of seven different sweets in the collection, including the crunchy “Old-fashioned Matcha” for 140 yen, the “Old-fashioned Double Matcha” for 151 yen and the “Old-fashioned Matcha Chocolate” for 151 yen. There’s also the delightfully soft, cream-filled “Pon de Matcha Cream” for 162 yen, and the “Matcha Honey Stick” for 140 yen, which blends matcha with honey for a sweet and glossy tipped coating.

What’s really got everyone salivating over the new range are the two sandwich doughnuts, which feature distinctive greenish-brown “buns” made with a matcha-infused yeast, and a filling of Japanese dessert flavors.

The “Warabi Mochi Sandwich Adzuki Matcha” doughnut (172 yen) contains a mound of matcha cream, topped with a bite-sized piece of warabi mochi tossed in sweet toasted soybean sugar, all surrounded by a generous ring of sweet adzuki red bean paste. The “Warabi Mochi Sandwich Adzuki Whip” (172 yen) swaps the green matcha cream for a light and fluffy center of whipped cream.

The unique Japanese doughnuts are only available for a limited time, at Mister Donut stores around the country until the end of July.

Source: PR Times

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Matcha ice cream, hot cakes, cookies . . . etc. Now doughnuts? They're beating a dead horse.

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Truly visionary. I can't say i would ever of imagined using those ingredients.

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Doesn't qualify as "food," surely.

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