Now you can drink your ice cream at Lawson convenience stores

By Krista Rogers, SoraNews24

Lawson convenience stores have started selling a line of new products including an interesting take on dessert in drink form.

The new beverage is called “Nomu Soft Cream” (nomu means “to drink” or “drinkable”, “soft cream” is Japanese for soft serve ice cream) and is costs 178 yen. It’s made using condensed milk from Hokkaido Prefecture’s well-known Machimura Farm, which is currently celebrating over 100 years in business.

Back in February, Lawson carried another product called Machimura Farm Milk Cocoa that promptly sold out within about four weeks of hitting the shelves–perhaps a good sign for predicting success with this new drink.

However, interestingly, the vast majority of internet reactions were extremely doubtful at the overall concept of soft serve ice cream as a drink:

“Um, I think I’ll pass.”

“For that price you could just buy a soft serve cone…”

“Another possible name: drinkable calories”

“How is this different from a shake? Or possibly a melted shake?”

“Melted soft serve doesn’t really taste good, but since this is supposed to be in drink form I’m assuming adjustments have been made so that it’s good.”

Japan does take its soft serve very seriously, with every size and flavor imaginable, from zunda (sweetened edamame paste; second from top-left in below photo) to shirasu (young sardines; bottom right corner in below photo).

▼ Soft serve sold outside a restaurant in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture


At the very least, we think that drinkable soft serve ice cream sounds a little more appetizing than the tomato latte offered exclusively at Lawson this past summer–which actually turned out to be pretty darn good.

Source: Livedoor News via Hachima Kiko

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This is called flavored milk. If it isn't frozen it isn't ice cream. That's the whole point of ice cream.

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Since we all love the taste of melted ice cream! I'll stick to my Coolish.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!! that's about it!!!

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drink your ice cream

That would be a shake. I recommend making your own with plenty of vanilla ice cream

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That would be a shake. I recommend making your own with plenty of vanilla ice cream

Exactly! Save your money and make your own shake, tastes better and is highly addictive.

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