On the menu at a UK restaurant: carbon footprint

By Valentine GRAVELEAU

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Of course it would be Bristol and I bet it doesn't detail the uncertainties in the method of calculation:

The menu notes that a real beef burger's emissions is "10 times the amount of its vegan alternative".

Cows eat grass grown from water falling from the sky and recycle it as manure in an equilibrium. The 'vegan alternatives' like Beyond Meat rely on imported soybeans, chemicals and extensive processing... but is more sustainable? Please...

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I'd ask which dish has the highest carbon footprint and make a point of ordering that just for fun.

After all, the whole idea is just a scam designed to separate people from their autonomy and instil a modern sense of Green guilt to replace the Catholic guilt of old.

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I would order the carbon dioxide and put a hold on the meal.

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Do they sell fizzy drinks which of course are carbonated with carbon dioxide not to mention the carbon emissions whilst making and transporting it.

Fake meat and vegan products are highly processed and full of chemicals.

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Carbon footprint was a concoction by the oil industry to put guilt on the consumer instead of where it squarely belongs, on the oil industry.

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Do they "tax" the footprint though? Would be pointless else wise. We are all children who can only see immediate rewards.

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