Pan-roasted chicken breasts with shallot-thyme sauce Photo: Joe Keller/America's Test Kitchen via AP
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Pan roasting chicken produces moist meat and crisp skin

By America's Test Kitchen

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Best chicken I ever had was mom's pan fried chicken. Don't know how healthy it was, but the taste was worth it.

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Even juicer cooked in pressure cooker. Oops, that is KFC.

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 a bone-in chicken breast

Good luck in trying to find bone in chicken breasts here in Japan. You can get "bone in" if you buy the whole chicken, but the cost aint worth it!

Even juicer cooked in pressure cooker. Oops, that is KFC.

Ahh..don't forget that KFC's is cooked in oil while it's in the pressure cooker! Gotta have that oil!

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That is some soggy looking meal.

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