Parisians flock to U.S.-style food trucks


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So the Roach Coach is popular with Parisians. Who would have thought.

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There could have been so many trucks/vans out there.

I used to see a lot of food trucks in the Kasumigaseki area of Tokyo when I worked there almost 10 years ago. The lines were long and they even had a pretty tasty Mexican food truck.

I don't work in the middle of Tokyo anymore so I don't know how things are recently but when I'm in Tokyo on my days off, I sometimes see food trucks here and there.

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So are these the same as the caravans and vans parked all over the place in the UK selling burgers and stuff? Normally outside factories/building sites and up and down the A roads all over?

Never thought of them as particularly American, though.

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Funny, back in California most of my cousins, relatives, friends own a few of these mobile TAQUERIAS, and they are not complaining about any recession because if you are hungry and you can get great tacos, burritos etc..on your lunch break, them hungry customers will come a runnin, so now in France too?? I wonder if our French amigos can handle a few jalapeños??

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"some of them queuing for up to 2 hours at lunchtime"

No problem, many French take long lunches.

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Excellent, 8 euro is still steep compared to what I pay at home for food but its a step in the right direction.

I wonder if our French amigos can handle a few jalapeños??

For the love of God don't trust the peppers in that country! I love putting pickled hot peppers on basically everything I eat, had one very bad experience in Lyon. I'll stick to the America's for my hot fix.

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"some of them queuing for up to 2 hours at lunchtime"

Yeah seems most of europe takes long breaks through the day, probably why the place is in the sh!t so much economically, the rest of us (the working world) only take 30 mins or 1 hour for lunch.

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Taquerias are THE best when you want a great and filling, tasty lunch. Wish we had them here in Fukuoka!

As for the French taking a 2 hour lunch, it is quite amazing, they can also drink during their lunches. 2 hours and a beer or wine? But then again, ask the French if the want to give that up to work longer hours and have a shorter lunch break and you will probably get an astounding "No!"

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un-frickin-believable. when i left california for japan 11 years ago, no dignified, self-respecting white person would pee on a "roach coach," let alone dine from one. in 2010 when i returned to LA, food trucks are all the rage. and now in paris? my how times have changed. hope they pay homage to the latinos who started the phenomenon way way back in the day.

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@bass4funk, Fukuoka?? Maybe up here in Tokyo we need to learn from Fukuoka and have decent taquerias from these trucks. @blackpassenger, yes I agree, the last time I was in California, never saw any Canadians preparing my tacos, so maybe this guy in Paris actually has Latinos helping make the food??

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no dignified, self-respecting white person would pee on a "roach coach," let alone dine from one.

What are you talking about?? Taquerias are great, but like with anything else you got clean ones and dirty ones. Where I lived and worked in the Inland Empire in Southern Cali, the people that rolled up made the best Carnitas with a dab of lemon or lime, jeeeeez! I understand your point, but how could you have thought that? Remember, when you see long lines, restaurant, bar, food cart, there is ALWAYS A REASON! I would kill for some great Mexican food one of the best cuisine in the world.

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Ah the ever common misconception of Parisiennes that the food is the best and they only accept the best. Anyone who has been will know that the best in Paris is frightfully overpriced, and that the reputation is nothing more than reputation. Its amazing how hard a reputation sticks Many people still mock the food of Britain, yet Michelins highest rated chef -French ironically- calls London the capital of cuisine

but it matters not what I repeat, like I said -reputations stick.

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P.S. in regards to working hours, I think its worth remember that the Greeks do the second longest hours of work annually in the world. 4/top10 longest work hour countries are European, the French are notoriously laz... "workfree"

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heh. just wait til taco-copter drones fill the skies over paris.

/ *canular

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state - How about lobster copter? lol

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