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People love coffee and beer for the buzz, not the taste: study

By Issam AHMED

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I agree with coffee, I just drink it for keeping me awake. I disagree with beer, I love it, and of course I have my favorite beers. Just for getting drunk, I do vodka shots. Faster, cost effective, and less toilet trips

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"Taste may be a factor," Cornelis told AFP, but "it's an acquired taste."

This makes sense to me. I love beer now but I remember drinking it for the first time as a teenager and not liking it very much. I still drank the whole can because I didn't want to chicken out in front of my mates. I kept drinking because of social factors and then acquired the taste. Nowadays I don't care about the buzz but like the taste. If they can invent a non-alcoholic beer that genuinely tastes like the real thing, I'll be delighted.

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i like coffee enough to drink the non caffeinated variety at times, but i sure as hell don't choose to drink no alcohol beer.

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People love coffee and beer for the buzz, not the taste: study

SOME people do, but not all. I don't even get a "buzz" from coffee, not even from Espresso, so it's not about that to me, or to others like me. As for beer: gross. Buzz or no buzz, I won't drink it. I drink cider, but that's for the taste as much as the effect of the alcohol, and there's a few other alcoholic beverages I'm like that with. Energy drinks don't give me a buzz either. Most of the time, but I think the rare occasion when I have had a buzz from it was down to a placebo effect more than anything else. The only thing caffeine seems to do to me is make me go to the toilet more.

Over-generalising can be detrimental to research studies and their results. It impacts upon their credibility, for starters.

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I drink coffee black no sugar. I drink it for both the taste and the buzz. Lately there has been news that it is good for the liver and the brain---best news I've heard for ages!

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Freshly ground coffee beans smell great, but the drink always disappoints somehow.

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Coffee bad for Gerds

Beer bad for Diabetes

And Most over 40s have those diseases yet love to sip coffee in the morning and get chilled draft in the evening.

Green/Oolong Tea are becoming popular these days.

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Not sure about this. I drink coffee with sweet things because I don't really like sweets and a nice, clean dark roast can really balance out the tastes. I also drink a lot of decaf because I actually don't like the buzz of coffee once it gets to the point I can actually feel it. Sooooo

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