Pepsi and Gundam join forces to deliver new drink


There’s going to be a Gundam product that you can drink. Fans of the popular Japanese anime will be delighted to hear that a new soda featuring Gundam images will be coming out in early August, and judging from the picture that has been released, the cans look awesome!

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited recently announced that they will be selling a new line of Pepsi Cola Drinks in uniquely designed cans in collaboration with the Gundam-themed entertainment facility “Gundam Front Tokyo“. The “Pepsi Cola Design Cans“, as the new line of drinks are called, will be sold in eight different designs featuring machines or “mobile-suits” from the Gundam anime, specifically the Gundam, Gun Cannon, Gun Tank, Zaku (Mass-Production Type), Char’s Custom Made Zaku, Gouf and Dom mobile suits as well as the White Base. Each 350 ml (11.9 oz) can will be priced at 115 yen and will be sold throughout Japan starting August 7th but in limited quantities.

The combination of cool Gundam artwork and the refreshing taste of Pepsi is bound to thrill even casual Gundam fans. These Pepsi design cans may sell very quickly once they appear on the market!

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Will that be bad cola like Pepsi Nex with its saccarhine taste (no where near the taste of Pepsi Max- which I drank many of) or the even worse cola 5 Star which tastes of nothing but little artificial sweetener?

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Yes also teh RX-78 and none of that ZZ new gundam stuff. Call me a geek, but this is the cartoon series that set alight the world of anime for me. Amuro ray and his MS RX-78 vs Char Aznable's Red Zaku! What childhood memories!

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Its not a Gundam new drink, but a Gundam old drank in a new Gundam can.

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Must be a new Gundam series due out.

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I can't wait to try Pepsi's Salty Watermelon version. Or can I?

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So basically they've developed a new way to promote obesity and diabetes?

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Pepsi and Gundam join forces to deliver new drink

New drink?

The combination of cool Gundam artwork and the refreshing taste of Pepsi

er... shouldn't that be "new package for about 2 months"?

This article is written like a blog written in English by a Japanese person. Very badly written.

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