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Pizza Hut Japan’s latest promotion gives 'golden crust pizza' new meaning

By Rachel Tackett

Though it may not be a traditional holiday dish, pizza is often the perfect entree for the holiday season. After all, between Christmas and New Year, there’s bound to be an opportunity to throw a party for your friends, and for those who’d rather not slave away in the kitchen for a day, pizza is often the best way to provide food to a group.

Now Pizza Hut Japan has given us a new reason to party: in its latest promotion, the company is giving away actual gold necklaces worth nearly a thousand dollars each.

That’s right, early next year Pizza Hut will be giving away eight gold necklaces with pendants shaped like pizza slices. Now, while that may not sound like much, each necklace has an estimated value of 80,000 yen.

Winners will be determined by lottery, the application period extending from now until Jan 5 2014. In order to register for a chance to win, one must be a member of Pizza Hut Online and place an order worth at least 4,500 yen. For anyone planning a party, it shouldn’t be all that difficult. Pizza Hut’s current winter party set (two medium-sized pizzas), a 5,660 yen value, is currently on sale for 4,660 yen, thus meeting the requirements for entrance.

Just imagine how great it would be to start off the new year with a pizza delivery made of gold. For eight lucky people, this will actually be the case. Chances are that they will never know or meet each other, but together, their pendants will complete a tiny golden pizza, in an invisible bond that spans the nation. It’s almost romantic when you think of it that way, though admittedly rather cheesy.

Reference: Pizza Hut Online

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I was hoping this story would be about pizza with gold flakes baked into the crust. Reality is so disappointing. :(

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I wonder, from a legal standpoint... doesn't this technically count as gambling? You buy a ticket (4500yen worth in pizza) for a chance at winning ~80,000yen in gold.

I really never thought about it in the States, but I am beginning to understand the whole "No purchase necessary" bits that are said at the end of every giveaway commercial.

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I love the way they said the "estimated" value is 80,000 yen. It's probably 18K, so it would have to be almost a full ounce to be worth that. Very unlikely. More than likely, the thing only weighs a few grams at most, and they slapped an arbitrary value on it to motivate some to buy more pizza.

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