Pokemon Cafe gears up for the spooky season by offering 3 new Halloween dishes

By Koh Ruide, SoraNews24

Ever since the opening of the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo, customers have flocked in to be treated with tons of delicious goodies like crispy Umbreon Fried Chicken Burgers and legendary Pokemon-themed desserts.

With Halloween just a couple of months away, fans of the monster-catching franchise have even more cafe updates to look forward to. From Sept 7 to Oct 31, the establishment will be implementing three new limited-edition food items into its lineup.

▼ First up is the Halloween Pikachu Plate (1,706 yen).


A makeover of the popular Pikachu Plate sees everyone’s favorite lightning type donning a little witch hat. It comes with hamburg, spaghetti, pumpkin salad, and omelet rice. And if you wish to take that Halloween-themed plate back home with you, that’s an additional 1,188 yen.

▼ Load up on some healthy greens with the Ilex Forest Pesto Pasta (1,706 yen).


Celebi’s adorable visage can be seen nestled in a bowl of tasty pesto bow-tie farfalle, all surrounded by a forest of lush green salad and dotted with carrot slices shaped to resemble tiny pumpkins.

▼ Or satisfy your inner carnivore with Zorua’s Halloween Roast Beef Burger (1,706 yen).


Why not sink your teeth into succulent meat sandwiched between toasty black buns made to look like Generation V Zorua? Polish off the meal with some criss-cross fries and a bowl of minestrone for an energy-charged day.

This year’s lineup looks to be as exciting as ever for fans who wish to eat some of the iconic Pokemon creatures from the series.

Source: Pokemon Cafe via PR Times

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This is how Japanese business is going to ruin trying sell things WAAAAAAYYY too early. Daiso was selling Halloween goods in August! Even anti-law me thinks there needs to be a law! No Halloween sales or displays until Oct. 1!

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My girls would love this. So I'll definitely be taking them!

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