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Pokemon cakes let you eat your way through Pikachu and all the Eevee evolutions

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

April is the start of a new year for students and employees in Japan, making it a stressful time that calls for some kawaii relief. Here to put smiles on the faces of Pokemon fans is a new series of cakes from Ginza Cozy Corner, featuring star character Pikachu, alongside the “Eievui Friends Collection.“

▼ Eevee is known as “Eievui” in Japan.


As shown on the box the set comes in, the Eievui Friends Collection contains nine mini cakes, with Eevee in the centre, surrounded by its eight evolutions, or Eeveelutions. 


From left to right, top to bottom, we have:

  • Vaporeon — Lemon soda-flavoured jelly
  • Leafeon — Pistachio-flavoured sponge roll cake
  • Jolteon— Tropical mousse with pineapple jam
  • Umbreon — Banana whipped cream and chocolate cake
  • Eevee — Chocolate and caramel whipped cream tart
  • Espeon — Strawberry whipped cream cake
  • Sylveon — Yoghurt-flavored mousse and strawberry-flavored sponge cake
  • Flareon — Apple-flavored whipped cream tart with apple jam
  • Glaceon — White chocolate whipped cream cake


Customers who purchase the Eievui Friends Collection will receive a special full-color leaflet, which can be cut and folded to act as your very own field guide to the collection.

▼ Like a record of the Pokemon you’ve captured inside your belly.


No collection is complete without star character Pikachu, and this time the electric Pokemon will be appearing in the form of a sponge cake, with a chocolate and banana cream center.



The Pikachu cake is priced at 745 yen, while the Eievui Friends Collection is priced at 3,132 yen. Available only at Ginza Cozy Corner’s fresh cake outlets — there are no fresh cake outlets in Hokkaido, Kyushu, Fukui, Kyoto, Shiga, Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi, Ehime, and Kochi prefectures — the cakes will be sold from April 12 to May 31.

Like last year’s Pokemon cake release, the nine-piece mini cake collection is expected to be incredibly popular, so in order to avoid missing out, the chain recommends making a reservation online. Online reservations are only available for the Eievui Friends Collection, and only in limited numbers, so be sure to get in quick, to avoid missing out on eating ’em all!

Source, images: PR Times

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Kids, of course, will love this. As a very, very, very old man, I'm a kid, too. I want to eat these. They look delicious.

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