Raising the bar - energy bar takes off in Japan

By Mariko Sugimura

Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, owners of Clif Bar & Company, recently held a launch event for the Japanese edition of Erickson’s book “Raising the Bar” at the Tokyo American Club.

CLIF Bar, the leading energy bar in the United States and Canada, is starting to gain popularity in Japan.

CLIF Bar was born on an outdoor adventure in 1990 by company founder and avid cyclist Erickson, who developed the energy bar with a blend of wholesome ingredients after a 175-mile (280-km) bike ride.

At the launch event, Erickson recalled the bike ride which he called his “epiphany” ride. He said that after eating the energy bar, he thought he could create an even more delicious one. And he hasn't looked back since.

Since launching his business in 1990, the company has grown rapidly. The book chronicles how he organized the business and how he has made CLIF Bar the No. 1 energy bar in the U.S. and Canada. The book explains Erickson's passion for life and business, and how he overcame setbacks. Through telling stories of his hopes, aspirations and failures, Erickson said he hopes many people will be encouraged and not give up on their goals.

CLIF Bars provide a balanced nutrition and come in six delicious flavors, such as chocolate chip, crunchy peanut butter, blueberry crisp and so on. Most of the ingredients are organic and natural.

CLIF Bars are distributed in Japan by MIE PROJECT, a leading import company of organic food and outdoor sporting good store A&F. You can order six bars for 972 yen at the A&F online shop.

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Japanese energy drinks are by far better. fast acting, less calories and more effective than Cliffs , by a loooooooooon shot!

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Wow, I lived on these things while in Afghanistan. I agree with semperfi -- Japanese energy drinks are much more effective than CLIF bars.

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I've been eating Clif bars for years but would be more than happy to hear the brand name of the energy drinks being discussed. I had always assumed that Clif's 40-30-30 ratio was not an instant 'fix'.

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This can be a controversial subject because the words energy, power, protein, and nutrition can be deceptive terms and often used just for advertising. There is no evidence from independent sources with reliable information that the blends of nutrients and ingredients in various energy bars provide increased energy and stamina. The problem is that majority of the products out there are loaded with carbs and sugars that spike insulin levels and promote fat storage. I believe the United States Food and Drug Administration claim that it does not currently have any formal guidelines for nutrition bars or the labeling on nutrition bars.

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Not enough protein in Cliff bars. A lot of sugar.

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Before everyone dismisses the idea of a CLIF bar, remember a lot of Japanese like to take long nature hikes in the Japanese Alps or the Ou mountain range. And CLIF bars are a good source of fast energy, given you're not going to find places to eat on long mountain hikes, unlike the famous Shikoku pilgrimage, where there are at least some places to eat near every one of the 88 temple stops (and a lot of places in-between on this famous pilgrimage trail).

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