Ramen-covered fried chicken is coming to Japanese convenience stores

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Japan’s convenience stores are locked in a never-ending battle for cheap, convenient, and delicious dominion over our taste buds. In the fried chicken arena, the Lawson chain generally comes out on top, largely thanks to its Karaage-kun line of fried chicken, which has been offered in flavors such as extra-spicy, cheese, Black Hole, and Final Fantasy.

And Lawson even has a second line of fried chicken, called L Chiki.


Usually L Chiki’s distinguishing characteristic is that it’s a single large cut of chicken, as opposed to the nugget-sized Karaage-kun. That makes it kind of weird that Lawson is chopping up the piece for its newest L Chiki Bits offering, but you won’t catch us complaining, because in addition to making it bite-sized, Lawson is covering the L-Chiki Bits in ramen.

Specifically, Lawson is coating each piece in Baby Star, short ramen noodles that are fried to an enticing crispiness. Baby Star has been one of Japan’s most popular stand-alone snacks for six decades, and L Chiki Bits Baby Star Ramen is being added to Lawson’s product lineup to celebrate Baby Star’s 60th birthday, and also because now that someone’s put the idea out there, it seems almost criminal that no one has made ramen-breaded chicken until now.

L Chiki Bits Baby Star Ramen is priced at 190 yen.

Source: Lawson via Livedoor News/ via Hachima Kiko

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If people eat this outside the streets are going to be covered in this.

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