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Raw, fried or on a bun: the many ways Japanese eat whale

By Elaine Lies

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According to this article, we are being led to believe that the Japanese are interested in consuming whale meat but the reality is different.

Several shops near me stock it.

However, even at a 50% discount, it is being left time and time again unsold.

The reality is that the Japanese government is responsible for killing an animal that the people here do not wish to consume!

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Surely the headline should read "The Many Ways HARDLY ANYONE IN JAPAN Eats Whale"?

I've seen brussel sprouts more popular than whale meat here.

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Whale represents only 0.1 percent of Japan's meat consumption, so proponents say getting the next generation to eat it is essential

"Whale represents only 0.1 percent of Japan's meat consumption, so logic dictates it could easily be phased out of the Japanese diet with little to no repercussions."

There. I fixed it.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

This is a very misleading article, JT. Not all your readers lived long enough in this cpuntry to know that the Japanese DO NOT regularly eat whale meat but this article is trying to paint a different picture. Haven't seen a whale meat in my local supermarket for a while now, and even if I do it's always on sale with nobody showing any interest on buying. Schools serve this for lunch to children who are expected to eat it. School children here are trained to eat anything served at school lunches, unless they have health or religious reason not to.

I bet the researchers who have virtually zero published data on this topic or the government who are proud are stubborn, aren't too excited to eat whale either. But who knows, Abe and friends may come out wiht a video showing how much they love fried whael with sake.

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Wasnt there an article a few weeks ago saying there’s an overabundance oof whale meat on the shelves? This is a very politicized or paid article. Oh, well. C’est la vie. Take the news with a grain of salt.

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Whale represents only 0.1 percent of Japan's meat consumption, so proponents say getting the next generation to eat it is essential.

Or they could just drop it? Phrases like flogging a dead horse come to mind.

a way of teaching children what people ate in the past

And why people don't eat it today? Does this education in what people ate in the past also include daikon meshi (because white rice was too expensive for commoners)? The Buddhist vegetarian philosophy? If not, why not?

Funny how it's an integral part of the culture, an important part of tradition... yet they have to come up with whaleburgers, develop new dishes, whale-stuffed Chinese buns and whale ham.. and even the supposed aficionados and fans of whale who make the effort to find a whale restaurant go for things that don't taste much like whale.

What is the point??

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But she also noted wryly that the restaurant's most popular menu items are things like whale cutlets and croquettes.

"They like the things that don't taste much like whale, which seems like a bit of a waste," she added.

To waste, you can add, cruelty, they are a social creature, and you are killing its members, with small explosive hooks !

Really really bad PR for Japan.

6 ( +6 / -0 )

What was one of the subject cliam in G20 meeting ???. All lip service.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

just another disgusting puff piece this article, trying to get peeps to drink the kool aid that whaling is ok

5 ( +6 / -1 )

The school lunch will be most fitting

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I feel dumber having read this article...

7 ( +7 / -0 )

If you talk to the previous generation, ie your parents, you'll realise that whale was much more prominent. My mother used to say whale sustained her family, and that it's a culturally significant source of protein. If rice is to energy, whale is to build strength.

Even though I don't like whale, I still think it's cultural prejudice when foreign countries lecture Japan on what is a very culturally sensitive issue.

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Together they will kill 227 whales through to late December, according to the fisheries agency, which had delayed announcing the quota until the conclusion of the G20 summit in Osaka on Saturday. The quota includes 52 minke, 150 Bryde’s and 25 sei whales, the agency said.

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I love whale meat. Beats Chicken any day.

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What is up with the campaign to kill whales? "Raw, fried or on a bun: the many ways Japanese eat whale" should be "Prohibited for the safety of the ocean: Raw, fried or on a bun: the many ways Japanese eat whale." Fixed it for you. Cripes.

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Tried it three times and that was enough for me. Whale will never beat the taste of chicken, Turkey or Ostrich.

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Serve up some Whaleburgers at the Olympics Mr Abe.

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Whatch a documentary called "The Cove",dolphins herded into a bay and slaughtered on mass,whaling is just another barbaric act.

The Japanese excuse of" it is our culture" just does not fit into modern society.

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I don't see any "deep fried whale nuggets" in the photo.

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Whale meat tastes ok, but I prefer Panda bear...much more tastier and healthier for you too.

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I've seen brussel sprouts more popular than whale meat here.

That's because most people don't know how to properly prepare brussel sprouts.

I love whale meat. Beats Chicken any day.

Not my chicken.

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