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Ready for breaded cutlets of a different kind? Try cauliflower


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And again with the Parmesan! Every time you have a 'vegetarian' recipe on here, it has Parmesan, which is decidedly not vegetarian, and that should be a) known and b) stated by the writer/cook.

Other than that, this sounds nice, but I wish people would educate themselves a bit in their field.

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Maria, perhaps a little self-education would be in order before castigating others.

You confuse vegetarian with vegan. The former allows for dairy and eggs, the latter forbids them. This recipe most certainly is vegetarian but not vegan.

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It isn't 'dairy' that's the problem. Parmesan (unless it's labelled otherwise) is made using animal (calf) rennet; it's not vegetarian.

One reason I prefer to make my own cheese (using vegetable rennet) - when I get the time. (Parmesan takes at least a year, longer is better)

Maria's gripe is justified.

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Mea culpa. Thanks for the education.

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Glad someone else has commented - this is the third such recipe that has claimed to be veg'n, but has had parmesan cheese included in the ingredients, and this is the third time I have politely indicated the mistake. ;) but nothing ever changes. sigh

There are many levels of veg'ism so many people don't care about the animal rennet (scrapings from a calf's stomach, basically), but that a lot of people don't know that many cheeses are not veg'an for the reasons Cleo mentions.

If this was offered up to me as a meal with the cheese, I would refuse it, the person who cooked it would be annoyed. The author needs to read up on veg'ism.

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