Restaurant rental service OPEN DISH offers risk-free restaurateur opportunity

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By Evie Nyan, SoraNews24

Japan is a country known for its love of good food and its high quality yet affordable eating-out culture. And while it has its share of chain restaurants, it’s also easy to find little family-run, hole-in-the-wall type restaurants almost anywhere you go, offering unique takes on dishes and the chance for some friendly banter and repartee with the owners, who are often right there on the shop floor cooking up tasty meals and getting to know the regulars.

But opening one’s own little ramen joint or American-style burger bar also comes with huge financial risk, and usually requires years of saving up capital and taking all sorts of qualifications before you can even find premises and start serving customers. In the age of mediation companies like Uber and Air bnb, however, it’s not surprising that a solution has appeared in the form of restaurant rental company OPEN DISH.

OPEN DISH rents fully kitted out restaurants complete with kitchens for affordable monthly prices without the need to pay up front or get locked into a lengthy contract.

Would-be restaurateurs are thus able to get their toes wet in the profession of serving paid customers with tasty meals without having to do any legwork or make a big financial investment.

The company provides the premises and kitchens, and takes care of the business licensing, allowing users of its service to simply show up and begin serving customers. But before we all start to panic about the risk of getting salmonella, the business itself is geared towards experienced cooks or chefs with food hygiene certifications, who are interested in getting a taste of running their own restaurant but may lack the start up capital to do so.

We love a “started from the bottom” story of restaurant success, like the former idol who opened her own ramen shop, but hopefully this service will help out others who are interested in restaurant ownership but not yet sure if it’s right for them. By using the service, they can experience a trial by fire in the restaurant business without having to scrimp and save for the money to make the dream a reality.

If you were opening a restaurant in Tokyo, what kind of food would you serve?

Source: PR Times

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