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Royce’s special wine-filled chocolate isn’t just luxuriously decadent, it’s precious

By Richard Simmonds, SoraNews24

If any film has had an effect on a word in the English language, it’s "Lord of the Rings" on the otherwise ordinary word, ‘precious’. It borders on the physically impossible to pronounce the word now without adding at least an extra “s” or two. Fortunately, Hokkaido-based chocolatier Royce’s limited edition Valentine Chocolate ‘Precious’ is delicious enough that your loved one may even forgive your terrible impression as you hand it over.

Royce, who are known for their raw chocolate, and amazing chocolate-covered potato chips, do a special run of limited edition chocolates each year for Valentine’s Day, and more often than not they sell out in no time at all. This year looks to be no exception with a gooey mass of wine-filled fresh ganache chocolate pudding that is its own pot and lid.

Valentine’s Day, a festival celebrating romance and love, is a time when you might want to spoil the object of your affections with a fancy tipple, and Royce has you covered there, as the upper half contains Italian San Giorgio Rosso Del Umbria red wine, and the lower half contains Austrian Nieusiedlersee Trocken Beeren Auslese white wine, which contains the wonderfully named noble rot. You know something must be luxurious if it’s rotting.

▼ What the chocolate would look like if you took the time to cut it neatly, rather than wolf it down in one.


▼ Just in case your Valentine gets the wrong idea and thinks the chocolate is just for them, Royce helpfully includes two spoons. And if you’re giving yourself chocolates this year, that’s one for each hand.


They say that you can’t put a price on love. Royce have had a good stab at it though, with a single Precious setting you back 3,294 yen with tax. Even at that price though they will sell fast, and while at the time of writing there were still some available you better be quick. While you wait for it to be delivered, you could perhaps use the time productively to work on your impression. Preciousss.

Source: Royce

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