Saitama Prefecture battles food and sake loss with relaxing traditional sake hot spring baths

By grape Japan

Much like the rest of the world, safety measures and stay-at-home protocol enacted due to the spread of the the novel coronavirus has put many in Japan up against economic hardship. Particularly struggling are farmers, food producers, and restaurant owners that have had to adjust to a sharp decrease in customers they normally rely on, and the resulting food waste.

That waste extends to sake, as the large parties and restaurant gatherings to partake of Japan's favorite alcoholic beverage have been taken off the table. Onsen Dojo, a company located in Saitama Prefecture, learned that there was a large surplus of sake and sake lees in the prefecture, and has come up with an initiative to battle sake waste by offering relaxing sake-based traditional onsen hot spring baths.


For a limited time, Onsen Dojo will be offering sake baths, amazake (traditional sweet, low-alcohol sake) baths, and amazake packs using sake and sake lees from Ishii Shuzo and Matsuoka Jozo in Saitama Prefecture.

In addition, four restaurants will offer special menus using sake lees developed especially for this event.

Guests can enjoy pasta, bread salad, and grilled chicken wings prepared with sake lees.

The special sake baths and menus will be available at the following locations until Sunday, April 4.

Showa retro hot spring bathhouse Tamagawa Onsen

Ofurocafe Hakuju no Yu

Ofurocafe utatane

Ofurocafe bivouac


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