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Image: PR Times

Sakura and matcha from 150-year-old Kyoto tea merchant ice creams arrive at Baskin-Robbins Japan

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

We’re now less than a month away from the projected start of cherry blossom season. The sakura have already arrived at Baskin-Robbins Japan, though, which has brought back its beloved sakura ice cream and is debuting some other special springtime treats.


Since the chain is just known as “Thirty-one” to fans in Japan, the lineup is part of what it’s calling the 31 Enjoy Spring promotion, which kicked off last week. Since nothing says “spring” in Japan quite so strongly as cherry blossoms, there’s naturally now Sakura ice cream on the menu, inspired by the taste of sakura mochi sweets and containing actual salted cherry blossom tree leaf to help draw out a little extra sweetness.


Though sakura blossoms trees don’t bear fruit, having cherries on their mind seems to have also inspired Baskin-Robbins Japan to bring out a Burgandy Cherry flavor with chunks of cherry mixed in…


…and there are more vernal visuals to be found in the Cotton Candy Pastel, whose bits of pink chocolate evoke thoughts of cherry blossom petals fluttering through the breeze on a sunny spring afternoon.


And while not necessarily spring-related, the arrival of more matcha sweets is always something to be celebrated, so there are sure to be smiles for the new Matcha Brownie ice cream.


Sort of like Baskin-Robbins Japan itself, this is a multicultural mix of flavors, combining matcha powder from Kitagawa Hanbe, a tea merchant founded in Kyoto Prefecture over 150 years ago, and chocolate-chip brownie pieces.


Baskin-Robbins has also rolled out flowerily festive cherry blossom-themed cup and box designs for sakura season.

▼ It’s always good to have another reason to buy ice cream by the box, right?


All of the new flavors are on sale now, with Matcha Brownie and Burgandy Cherry available until the end of March, Sakura until May 8, and Cotton Candy Pastel until the end of May.

Source: PR Times

Images: PR Times

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I don't usually eat Baskin-Robbins icecreams but this might be worth a try.

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