Sakura-flavored Red Bull coming for cherry blossom season

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

Say hello to the world’s first sakura-flavored energy drink from Red Bull.

If you ever wanted a pick-me-up to get you through the "hanami" (cherry blossom viewing) party season, Red Bull’s got you covered this year with an appropriately themed beverage. Simply called “The Spring Edition”, the sakura-flavored energy drink comes in a pink-and-silver can and will be available all over Japan in limited numbers from Feb 16.

Retailing for 190 yen, the eye-catching product will be released just ahead of the cherry blossom season, which generally runs from mid-March through early April on the mainland.

For those who want a taste of energising pink blossoms before the scheduled release date, a selection of convenience stores around the country will be carrying the product from Feb 9, where it will be packaged together in a two-piece set with Red Bull’s grape-flavored Blue Edition, which was released in October last year.

Here’s what Japanese readers had to say about the upcoming release:

“Full speed to diabetes” “This looks delicious” “This will end up in the bargain bin” “I can’t wait to try this!” “I’ve never liked any type of sakura-flavored drink, so I’m sure I won’t like this” “The pink design looks great but sakura flavor sounds disgusting” “I wonder if mixing the blue and pink drinks together will give you the strongest effect?”

With reader opinions divided, it will be interesting to see how this fares on the Japanese market.

Source: My Game News Flash

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I avoid drinking anything whose ingredients I can't pronounce.

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Red Bull (here in Japan) is way overrated and overpriced. I don't consume these energy drinks often, but Rockstar Energy is the ticket. Its here in Japan, just got to look around.

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I've taken a few sips a couple of times and I think Red Bull tastes terrible and is straight garbage. Why it is so popular is beyond me.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

How to make a bad thing worse.

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Energy drinks have no health benefits and can be comparable to carbonated soda. They contain traces of vitamin B and the amino acid taurine. This cannot make up for the detrimental effects of caffeine and sugar. You lack energy because of poor food choices, low quality food, stress lifestyle, negative emotions, lack of sleep and exercise. Instead eat right for your nutritional type, sleep when your tired, and exercise to optimize your health.

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sleep when your tired

How would that work when ya need the Red Bull for an all-night LAN party, heheheh

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@ lostrune2

The first thing to do if you know in advance about staying up all night is to go to bed earlier and or wake up late in the day leading to it. The first product you can try is the stay alert gum by Wrigley that contains one hundred milligrams per piece and through oral absorption gets into your system faster than pills or liquids. It starts working immediately and keeps you going through the long night. The second product is Modafinil or Provigil available by prescription only. It allows normal people to go without sleep and not suffer any detrimental effects. Modafinil gives you super focus and does not interrupt normal sleeping patterns and cause jitters or post-use crashes. Also Modafinils seems to be less addictive than stimulants that contain caffeine.

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