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Sanrio characters take over Baskin Robbins Japan for My Melody and Kuromi’s Sweet Christmas

By Shannon, SoraNews24

Pokemon aren’t the only characters with their own ice cream collaborations. Through Dec 25, Baskin Robbins–or “31”, as it’s known in Japan–is serving up a series of menu items featuring My Melody and Kuromi in My Melody and Kuromi’s Sweet Christmas. My Melody has a reputation for having a sweet and innocent personality, while Kuromi serves as her rival.

▼ Together, they’re an adorable pair that makes for a great collab.


The first My Melody and Kuromi collab is featured on the Baskin Robbins cups. By ordering either a Small Double (490 yen) or Regular Double (710 yen) sized ice cream, you can choose between the two My Melody and Kuromi plastic cups pictured above.

▼ And a new flavor is here, though it’s not related to the Sanrio characters.


Who’s that dog in the middle of the ice cream cups, you ask? That’s Lily, a toy poodle character that Baskin Robbins Japan came up with just for this collaboration. She even has her own limited edition ice cream flavor called Holiday Greeting! It’s a swirl of raspberry and pistachio ice cream with sweet marshmallow bits.

▼ Sometimes two scoops isn’t enough.


If you want a bit more ice cream than just a cup, you can get the My Melody and Kuromi Variety Box Set. You can choose eight flavors of ice cream to include in it. It’s priced at 2,460 yen for small size ice creams and 3,230 yen for regular. You’ll also receive an adorable blanket with a variety box purchase!

▼ Or maybe you’re in a sundae mood?


There are also My Melody and Kuromi sundaes to enjoy. This My Melody and Kuromi Christmas Sundae costs 720 yen and includes two ice cream scoops, sponge cake, strawberry sauce, chocolate pretzels, and whipped cream. It’s almost like having strawberry shortcake.

▼ Something a bit lighter and cuter.


My Melody and Kuromi also get their own spotlights with their single-scoop sundaes. The sundae cups have the characters depicted from the head down, and each version is topped with an edible version of their ears, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

▼ And for the grand finale…ice cream cake


Possibly the cutest part of the collab is the My Melody and Kuromi Christmas Cake. The cake is actually split in half to represent their two parallel personalities, and the ice cream flavors in each half are different.

My Melody’s half has Very Very Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream sitting atop white sponge cake, and Kuromi’s half is chocolate and dark chocolate ice cream with heart-shaped chocolate bits, resting on chocolate sponge cake.

If you’re a My Melody or Kuromi fan, don’t miss this Christmas collaboration! Though all items are scheduled to be available until Christmas Day, some supplies may run out before then.

Source and images: PR Times

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