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Shangri-La joins fight against shark fin soup


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Does this mean Chinatown's famous "fukahire man" will become more expensive?

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McD's also needs to slow down on their Filet-O-Fish fish too. Kudos to the hotel chain for trying save a hurting species.

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It does really taste very good, but the rest of the whole shark is wasted. SHark steak is quite tasty. Like sword fish.

I guess the Chinese might start whaling now and use Baleen Whale Gills, as it looks similar with a similar texture.

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It does really taste very good, ...

Maybe it does but the taste doesn't come from the shark fin.

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Saw a programme which followed some fishermen (illegally) fishing for sharks. They machete off the fin and throw the still alive creature back into the sea to bleed to death. Absolutely barbaric. Well done Shangri La.

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the fin iteself has no taste, it is only good for its texture

the 'flavor' are contributed by other ingredients

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Anyone who eats shark fin soup should feel ashamed of themselves. Have they never seen the barbaric and cruel methods used to obtain these fins?

This will only stop if governments intervene and outlaw any food that contains shark fin soup. However, Shangri-La welcome to the 21st century (better late than never i suppose)...

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Agree shark-steak is very nice, close to Barracuda.

Also agree that the fin itself is rather tasteless(like 95% collagen). As for shark-finning(dead against) as I am that close to 70 million sharks are killed annually(which has driven quiet a few species onto the endangered lists already and disrupted the eco-systems).

Mcd, etc most of those fillets are no longer made from Cod but from a small fish(others mix into) that is also being overfished right now. Ditto for fish & chips much of that meat actually comes from sharks now.

As for whaling Korea and Russia want to resume it.

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Shark fin soup should be banned everywhere, these fisherman just cut off all the fins and throw the entire shark away, it dies because it can't swim anymore. Not supporting either one but its worse than whales because at least tragically the Japanese eat most of the whale, in this case they throw away 95% of the animal.

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A very welcome surprise! Hats off to Shangri-La!

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