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Sink your teeth into this pink tiger sandwich and satisfy that growling tummy

By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

This tiger-inspired sandwich will have you prowling the streets of Tokyo’s concrete jungle. Released by Le Cafe de Joel on Oct 27, the stylish sandwich is the newest edition to the cafe’s extensive menu and is perfect for filling up growling stomachs.

Smoked duck, mimolette cheese and autumn vegetables (beetroot and pumpkin) are sandwiched between two baguette halves. Characterised by a striped pink and black ‘body’, the bread of the sandwich is shaped at one end into two points resembling ears, and has a pipette ‘tail’ filled with a tangy framboise sauce at the other.

The bread’s distinctive pink tiger pattern, owes itself to beetroot and bamboo charcoal that are kneaded into the dough during processing.

The sandwich is the second tiger-patterned sandwich released by Le Cafe de Joel Toranomon Hills store, and will also be joined by a petite-sized ‘Tiger cub Sandwich’ – perfect for a take-out lunch break.

The sandwich is available for both eat-in and take-out. For a smoother and quicker checkout at the cafe, customers can reserve their orders up to 30 minutes in advance of arrival.

Large: 990 yen

Small: 770 yen

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My attention was gained at "smoked duck", an unusual sandwich ingredient that sounds divine. The cheese was a favorite of Charles de Gaulle and I'm sure adds to the taste.

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What a cute novel idea, and the ingredients make it sound delicious. You know in some parts of the world, people do eat tiger meat.

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