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Soft and juicy pears baked into a crumbly crisp—we'll have another serving please

By Amya Miller

Autumn is almost (just-around-the-corner) here. As it’s not quite apple season, I thought I’d get a head start on that heady, warm, cinnamon-y scent and flavor by jazzing up the apple’s Japanese cousin, the Asian pear. Called nashi (梨) in Japan (not to be confused with yonashi which is a Bosc pear) this particular gem has a few tricks you should definitely know before diving into the recipe.


First, the skin of the pear is rough and has, to me, that nails-on-chalkboard feel. I always peel them. Or, have someone else peel them for me.

Second, the pear itself is very juicy, and very hard. That’s the good news. The bad news is you truly must get the entire core cut out before biting into it. The white part, packed tight inside the core feels like eating cotton if you bite it. Take special care when coring. Remove all the white stuff.

Not too bad as tricks go. Now for the recipe.

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