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Something new brewing in (barrel) aged beers


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Aged Beer? Not! Budwiser and most regular" beer water", is swill and perfect for the people with little or no taste for crafted beer! Beer is best when first crafted and fresh from the tap! If I want aged brews, I'll think about a single malt whiskey or even a bourbon blend! Never an aged beer! Gotta taste nasty! IMHO...

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Chaz - first have a drink, then express an opinion, OK? Beer waits for up to 6 months in a aluminium can before being drunk, and nothing is wrong with the taste. Kept at low temperatures it does not go flat in a barrel, but just improves from the wood.

I had it sometimes (a lesser German brand - Bamberg, that sells beer aged in smoked barrels - very tasty and still obviously beer)..

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The article mentions stout. I wonder what other kinds of beer are being barrel-aged? I wonder how a big hoppy IPA would work.

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When i get a job, i will be tempted to buy this beer, just to see what it tasts like.

Untill you try it, you can not give a true account of how good or bad it is.

I like Tennants beer as i can drink a dozen cans and wake up without a hangover.

I hate Harp. ONE can and the next morning i have a realy nasty hangover.

I react badly to what ever they put in the Harp and/or how they make it.

Others i know can drink it without any ill effects.

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Here's one you can find at Aeon malls in Kansai. http://www.arrogantbastard.com/oaked/default.asp

BTW 'to lager' means to store and hence age.

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