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Starbucks adds matcha and pistachio milk tea latte to menu in Japan for limited time

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

With the cool weather continuing in Japan, summer still seems a long way off, but that hasn’t stopped Starbucks from getting ahead of the season with a new summer-exclusive beverage.

Called the Matcha & Crushed Pistachio Milk Tea Latte, the new beverage will be on the menu at the chain’s Tea & Cafe branches. Currently, only 12 of these branches exist in Japan — limited to Tokyo, Osaka, Saitama, Fukuoka, Toyama, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures — so this is a Starbucks drink that’s harder to come by than most, but those who are able to get their hands on it are sure to be rewarded by its unusual flavor.

▼ As the name suggests, Starbucks Tea & Cafe branches specialize in teas, using the chain’s Teavana brand.


The cold matcha latte is a popular summer release at Starbucks Tea & Cafe branches, but this year’s beverage pairs powdered green tea with pistachio ‘milk’, a blend of pistachio and cashew nuts, and adds a shot of white mocha-flavored syrup for sweetness. The drink is divided into two layers, with the nutty ‘milk’ (Starbucks notes that the mix is not milk but does contain milk ingredients) and crunchy pieces of pistachio and almonds in the base, and the matcha mixture on top, allowing you to enjoy different flavor profiles in every sip.

▼ Sip the top layer for full-on matcha goodness, or mix it into the base for more mellow, nutty notes.


Starbucks says the layered latte will help you explore the charms of matcha, and is perfect for early summer days. It’ll only be available while stocks last from April 17 until July 2, in a tall size only, priced at 687 yen for takeout or 700 yen for dine-in customers.

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Source, images: Starbucks Japan

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