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Starbucks Japan’s new parfait cake has to be seen to be believed

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

This month, Starbucks Japan is taking us back in time to the heyday of the American diner, treating our taste buds to beverages that replicate ice cream floats, along with some limited-time food options that recreate the flavors of yesteryear.

One of the highlights from the menu that totally floored us was the Mixed Parfait Cake, which was so good we had to write home about it…literally!

▼ I mean, when was the last time you saw something this beautiful at Starbucks?


Priced at 590 yen, the Mixed Parfait Cake is said to let you enjoy “a pop world view inspired by retro American.”

This is a cake that certainly pops with color, and ingredients, as it deconstructs the common parfait and then reconstructs it in easy-to-eat cake form. 


Atop the sponge cake base we have seven different types of toppings: whipped cream, strawberry mousse, marshmallows, chocolate sticks, almonds, pie sticks, and cranberries. It seems that the whole point of this cake is to let us enjoy the change in tastes created by throwing a bunch of parfait toppings together.


The base, covered in colorful chocolate sprinkles, is a moist and delicious sponge. This creates a tasty foundation from which to enjoy the tartness of cranberries and strawberry mousse, while whipped cream and raspberry pieces add textural excitement and toasted marshmallows bring a smoky note to the proceedings.


The combination of marshmallows, crunchy almonds and crispy pie pieces provide a variety of flavors and textures to enjoy in every mouthful, creating a fun mix that never tires the palette. While it’s hard to verbalize just how good this is, we have to agree that it’s aptly named, as it truly captures all the fun and excitement of a parfait, only in cake form.


While the long list of ingredients might make you think this would be a heavy meal, it’s actually quite light and refreshing, making it the perfect indulgence.

It’ll make you feel like you’ve eaten a lot, but its sensible serving size will ward off any post-consumption guilt, which is exactly how we like our cakes. So if you’d like to give it a try, be sure to pop in to a Starbucks in Japan before April 11, when the retro American diner experience ends and a new release appears to lure us over to the green mermaid again!

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Marshmellows are tasty. BUT. nothing can beat a quality home made cake.

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