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Starbucks releases new Matcha Frappuccino in Japan with pun behind its creation

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

On May 8, Starbucks released a Strawberry Frappuccino in Japan, a summer favorite inspired by the tradition of eating strawberries and cream at Wimbledon. On May 15 the chain began offering a new twist on this super popular beverage, and in true Japanese fashion, there’s a pun behind the new drink and its release date.

The key word here is ichigo, which means “strawberry” in Japanese, but can also mean “one” (ichi) and “five” (go). That makes May 15 the perfect date for a new Ichigo Frappuccino, and the one that’s coming our way is called the Matcha Ichigo Cream Frappuccino.

▼ The Frappuccino is priced at 678 yen for takeout and 690 yen for dine-in.


This new drink takes Starbucks’ classic Matcha Cream Frappuccino and elevates it with the addition of strawberry sauce. The resulting beverage is said to contain a harmonious blend of bitter matcha and sweet-and-tart strawberry, and it can only be enjoyed at this time of year.

The green-and-red hues make for an eye-catching beverage, but you’ll have to be quick to get a taste of it, as it will only be on the menu for a short time, until May 28.

Source: Starbucks

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Macha. Strawberries. Perfect. It looks great and I already know I'd like it. Japan's Starbucks is so much better than here in the states where special drinks happen only at christmas and it's the same every year. Man, that looks good.

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