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Starbucks to ride Japan’s banana drink trend with Bananana Banana Frappuccinos

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For the past few years, bubble tea stands were inescapable in Tokyo, and it seemed like there was no room for any other beverages on the scene. But in more recent times, other trends have been popping up, and banana-based drinks such as banana milk, smoothies and juices have been growing in popularity.

Starbucks Japan have been known to take note of these trends when formulating their constant stream of limited time only and seasonal Frappuccinos, and they’ve decided that these banana treats are the perfect option for summer.

Two banana-filled Frappuccinos are being released this month. The Bananana Banana Frappuccino and the Choco Bananana Banana Frappuccino. Each one has plenty of real banana in it so you can experience the fruity and sweet flavor.

The choco version is inspired by chocolate banana desserts and has chocolate sauce and chocolate whipped cream on top.

The idea behind these drinks is that they evoke a playful spirit which is why the name sounds like a tongue twister and the whipped cream is colorfully decorated with chocolate.

These beverages will go on sale from April 13 and stick around until May 31.

This duo is billed as just the first installment in a summer season series, so who knows what other refreshing offerings are on the cards later in the year?

Source: Starbucks Japan.

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The last time they had these, the stores were always sold out and I never got the chance to try one.

Maybe this time, I'll have better luck.

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