Tapioca beer puts bubble tea fandom to the test

By Big Neko, grape Japan

Japan is right in the midst of a bubble tea boom, with lines pouring out of what seems to be a constant stream of newly opened boba shops. Fans of the drink have even taken to making panda shaped pearl milk tea at home, so it's no surprise to see some of kawaii spins on bubble tea. What has been surprising many, however, is the existence of tapioca beer, as pointed out by German beer fan Luka Reineke.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 8.34.03.png

Although simply joking, he's not the only one surprised to learn of the tapioca and beer fusion, as many in Japan have been heading to beer cafe chain iBEER LE SUN PALM to try the mysterious concoction.

The drink, called "Tapioca the Next, Tapioca Beer" is actually inspired by the panaché cocktail, a mixture of beer and citrusy soda. It's available in regular, strawberry, pineapple, and kiwi flavors.


If you're craving some fizz with your tapioca, iBEER LE SUN PALM also offers the same flavors available as non alcoholic soda or with milk.



Source: PR Times

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I've just been a little bit sick in mouth but who knows, it might actually make Premium Malts taste better.......

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Isn't the point of German beer, like the Weihenstephan in the top picture, supposed to be its purity? Why ruin it? The mass market Kirin and Asahi stuff is already full of corn, rice and other rubbish and could hardly be made any worse.

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Absolutely not, I thought this stuff was for high school girls anyways.

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