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The drink, not doughnuts, is best part of Krispy Kreme Japan’s new Lotus Biscoff lineup

By Katie Pask, SoraNews24

Krispy Kreme are no strangers to coming up with exciting and tasty ways to enjoy a simple doughnut. In the past they’ve brought us treats with a Japanese twist like these matcha doughnuts, or flavors that combine Japanese and European tastes like these yuzu pannacotta ones.

Photo: Krispy Kreme Japan

Krispy Kreme Japan is now once again drawing inspiration from Europe, specifically Belgium, for their latest offering:Lotus Biscoff topped doughnuts.


Biscoff cookies are a buttery biscuits with a sweet and slightly caramelised taste and a warm, spicy kick that makes them perfect for pairing with coffee or tea. They aren’t commonly found in Japan outside of import stores, but our reporter and sweet tooth P.K. Sanjun is a huge fan of them.

So when he heard that Krispy Kreme were bringing their Biscoff topped doughnuts back to Japan, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them. This is actually the second time Krispy Kreme have teamed up with Biscoff, so if they were re-running the collab, it had to have been pretty well received the first time around. Besides, doughnuts? Good! Lotus Biscoff cookies? Good! This was sure to be a winning combination


This time, the items in the collaboration were the Lotus Biscoff Caramel Cream doughnut and Lotus Biscoff Bitter Chocolate doughnut. Both doughnuts cost 324 yen for takeout and 330 yen for eat-in.

The Lotus Biscoff Caramel Cream, as the name suggests, is a fluffy ring doughnut with a thick layer of caramel flavored cream on top, covered with crushed Biscoff cookies and a whole Biscoff cookie as a garnish.


The Lotus Biscoff Bitter Chocolate is dipped in dark chocolate, with white chocolate drizzled on the top. Two Biscoff cookies are placed on the top.

They certainly looked like the doughnuts of any cookie lover’s dreams, but according to our resident Biscoff fan, they didn’t live up to his expectations. They were perfectly decent-tasting doughnuts, but they would have been just as delicious with or without the addition of the Biscoff. He’d been expecting the cookies to elevate the taste and blow his Lotus-loving mind, but sadly, P.K’s mind remained fully intact.

Luckily for him though, the doughnuts are not all that’s on offer in the Biscoff collaboration, as there is also a Krispy Frozen Lotus Biscoff drink on the menu!

▼ The Krispy Frozen Lotus Biscoff (637 yen for take out, 649 yen for eat-in)


While P.K didn’t think much of the doughnuts, the drink was another matter entirely, as it tasted like he was drinking Biscoff in a liquid form.

It was a thick, buttery shake with a hint of warm spice, and was exactly what P.K. had been expecting when he’d heard about a Krispy Kreme and Lotus Biscoff collaboration. With every sip, P.K. was inching closer and closer to a Biscoff-y paradise.

Krispy Kreme Japan’s Biscoff treats are on sale now, and will be available until mid-April. Biscoff doesn’t really have much of a presence in Japan at the moment, and collaborations like this one are rare, so for true, “Biscoff in my blood” fans like P.K, trying this drink is an absolute must.

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I'll take the cookies without the doughnuts.

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KK is just way too sweet for me, If anything I prefer Dunkin, not as greasy and lighter.

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i guess an authentic biscoff cookies in Japan is almost impossible to be launched on a mass sale. why? because, butter is regarded as a luxury item here and for those you need lots of quality tasty butter indeed. i sometimes get really sad for Japan, like sincerely, because of this fact. i think hokkaido people are more happy in this regard for having a possibility to have nice diary products.

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