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The easiest way to wash a curry pot is also the most delicious

By grape Japan

Curry is a strong contender for the top of the list when it comes to comfort food. But no matter what kind you make, after cooking up a big batch, it can become quite difficult to scrub a pot clean unless you get to it very quickly. With the amount of seconds we help ourselves too, this becomes a challenge and we often end up with a ruined sponge or two.

Knowing how beloved curry rice is in Japan, Iris Oyama Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer and seller of household goods, posted a useful video on TikTok that's being hailed as a curry cleaning and cooking lifehack.

The trick they suggest is to simply pour some rice and an egg (s) into your leftover curry (while keeping the curry pot heated) that would otherwise be due for an annoying scrubbing, when you do that, you can effectively remove the residue and also make yourself quite the tasty snack.

he result is delicious curry rice, and the pot is sparkling clean!

The trick is to mix the curry as if you are trying to peel it off from the sides. The company also recommends doing this with a Fluorine coated pot as it is easier to pull off, but a vigorous scrubbing and mixing should whip you up a batch of curry rice and clean your pot at the same time.

While praising the method, many replied suggesting their own remedies to sticky curry pots--such as turning it into a curry flavored soup or curry udon. Next time you're struggling with a messy curry pot, try and give this lifehack a try.

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Cook it in a crockpot

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How about a rubber spatula, or is that just too much common sense.

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another option - add water and wafudashi stock, a splash of tsuyu; boil up some udon in a separate pot. mix it togther for a curry udon and a clean pot!

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Mop it up with a slice of bread

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Take a 20 metre length of string and simply throw your dirty pot into the ocean. Tie it to a nearby tree and leave overnight. In the morning it will be sparkling clean, or even better. Saves on detergent too.

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The soda and vinegar solution is easy.

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