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restaurant review

The Empire steaks back

By Chris Betros

The New York steak house boom in Tokyo continues with the Oct 17 opening of Empire Steak House on the first floor of the new Candeo Hotel in Roppongi.

Situated about one minute’s walk from Roppongi subway station (or three minutes’ walk back, depending on how much you eat), Empire transports you to the world of New York’s finest steak houses.


Interestingly, the owners of Empire Steak House — the Montenegro-born Sinanaj brothers — are first cousins of the owners of Benjamin Steakhouse, which just opened in Roppongi in Tokyo in the summer. It was their first restaurant abroad, and Empire is making its first foray abroad in Japan, too, but Jack and Jeff Sinanaj say they have their eye on other Asia locations as well.



Walking into the restaurant, you go past the small bar area that seats eight, and you’re in the main dining room. The ornate decor is highlighted by a chandelier that wouldn’t be out of place on a set for “The Great Gatsby.”

The Sinanaj brothers stress that professional and personal service are the hallmarks of their restaurants and the friendly staff there for your every need. The restaurant also has a private dining room for intimate parties.

Seafood platter

Before long, you’ll be choosing a drink from among the 1,000 bottles on wine, about a fifth of which are Californian. Then it is time for some serious eating. Appetizers include a seafood platter of oysters, shrimp and lobster (3,800 yen), which is a must. There are also jumbo shrimp (2,800 yen) and lobster (4,800 yen) cocktails, baked clams (1,800 yen), pan-seared scallops (3,800 yen) and Maryland crab cakes (2,800 yen).

Empire salad

Next up are the salads — try the Empire salad (1,800 yen) which consists of shrimp, onions, tomato and Canadian bacon.

Emperors steak

Porterhouse steak

After that, it is time for the main event. The Emperors steak (24,000 yen), a mouthwatering combination of Chateaubriand and Sirloin, is more than enough for two-three people. Equally tantalising is the Porterhouse steak (16,000-32,000 yen for two to four diners). The thick cut USDA certified Prime Black Angus Beef steaks are dry aged in Empire’s own coolers for 21-30 days, then grilled in its custom made broilers at a temperature of 900 ℃. On another visit, you might like to try the prime New York sirloin, rib-eye or sirloin (all 9,800 yen). There are wagyu steaks on the menu, too (15,000 yen).

Creamed spinach

For side dishes, you can order creamed spinach, fried onion rings, sautéed mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

Choose your sweets.

If you have space left after your main course, take a breath and sample some desserts — New York cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake, Tiramisu or a fruit selection.

Having won praise from the Zagat Survey, along with Wine Spectators Award of Excellence for three consecutive years, Empire Steak House comes with a great expectations.

One can only imagine what dinner is like when the Sinanaj brothers get together with their cousins.

Empire Steak House Roppongi

1st Fl, Candeo Hotel Roppongi

Roppongi 6-7-11

Tel: 03-6721-1909


Lunch: Daily 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. (last order food 2 p.m., drinks 2:30 p.m.)

Dinner: Mon-Sat 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (last order food 10:30 p.m., drinks 11 p.m.) Sundays/holidays 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. (last order food 10 p.m., drinks 10:30 p.m.)

For online reservations, click here.

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$250 for just a steak ? Really ? I can get 50 Bacon DoubleCheese Burgers at BK for that, one a week for a year. Just who is buying these 1/4 of a grand heart-attack-on-a-plate steaks ?

2 ( +2 / -0 )

$250 for just a steak ? Really ? I can get 50 Bacon DoubleCheese Burgers at BK for that, one a week for a year.

You can also pick up a used car for a couple hundred dollars, yet some people still prefer to buy a Ferrari.

If you don't get the price, you're not the target market. Rest assured that some people who are the target market will understand the price and be willing to pay it.

Just who is buying these 1/4 of a grand heart-attack-on-a-plate steaks ?

People with enough money that they aren't going to be financially hurt from buying a $250 steak.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Eating just half a pound of steak creates a carbon footprint equivalent to getting into a car and driving 10 miles, not to mention the water and land it requires. It's extraordinary even when compared to the carbon footprint of all other types of meat. Most of the 24,000 pricetag should probably be an environmental tax.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

The meat on the photo seems totally sabotaged, overdone and bathing in the juice it has lost.

grilled in its custom made broilers at a temperature of 900 ℃.

Oh, only 900 ? Even if they mean Farenheit, it's not longer grilling, it's carbonizing.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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