The slow decline of fast food in America


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A step in the right direction. I'm not dead against fast food or soda as an occasional indulgence, but institutionalizing its routine consumption, especially in places that should be promoting health, and especially especially when directed at children, is a terrible, irresponsible practice.

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“Fast foods have their place, but I am not so sure their place is inside the hospital,” recalled John Bluford, the former TMC chief executive.

And they figure this out 30 years later......

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Just switch from soda to non-sugared tea like green tea and/or Oolong tea and you'll be fine.

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It's plain and simple. Fast food restaurants typically do not provide nutritious meals. Many of the ingredients comes from processed foods and the healthier options on the menu of restaurants are still loaded with high calories. The only way to control your health and to keep yourself or family healthy is to take time and prepare your own meals by spending quality time in the kitchen preparing meals from scratch instead of purchasing processed, packaged, and pre-prepared foods from the supermarket.

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The thing that may save McDonald's is to drastically simplify their menu choices, which may cut down on the cost overhead per restaurant. And I think they may just do it over the next 3-4 years.

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