Tide turns for shark fin in China


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At the top of the food chain is the apex predator shark. Throughout their lifetime sharks consume many toxin-laden fish because marine organism absorb and cannot excrete some toxins and heavy metals that enter the ocean from pollutants. They store high levels of dangerous toxins like mercury in their bodies and when we eat shark, we are consuming their dangerous toxins too. In the end there are no positive health or accepted scientific evidence that shark fin provides any medicinal or health benefits.

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It seems to me that the critical troubling issue with shark finning, whaling, bluefin tuna etc, is that these countries are going well outside of their borders to satisfy demand. If you can't catch your food domestically, maybe it shouldn't be on the menu.

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i tried it once. no taste & not appealing , not in China tho, in America - new York city.

glad its coming of menus . particulary cruel method .

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If you can't catch your food domestically, maybe it shouldn't be on the menu.

That's a very good point.

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Instead of [almost] cutting & pasting, next time just post the link to the article, lol.

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It is good to see the industry in decline, I remember seeing a video once of the methods of finning - dumping still living sharks with their fins brutallly chopped off back into the ocean to die slowly and painfully. It really disgusted me.

If you can't catch your food domestically, maybe it shouldn't be on the menu.

I wouldnt really agree with this. The problem with finning isnt that the sharks are being caught outside Chinese waters but that it is both inhumane and a threat to shark populations - it would be just as bad if it was all happening within Chinese waters. This principle you are proposing would basically mean that people in landlocked countries shouldn`t eat seafood, which seems kind of arbitrary and pointless to me.

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