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Tokyo’s desserts-go-round cafe hosting evening party for 20-somethings every Friday

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Last summer Tokyo’s first dessert-go-round restaurant opened in the spiritual home of all things sweet and cute, Harajuku. MAISON ABLE Cafe Ron Ron offers 40 minutes of all you can eat sweets, presented conveyor belt sushi style, allowing customers to simply grab what they want from the revolving belt of deliciousness.

Now they are taking a dive into the world of nightlife, offering a much sweeter alternative to bars.


Every Friday they will run Pink Friday, a party that goes on from 7 until 10 at night, exclusively for customers in their twenties. Because of this age restriction, attendees are required to bring a form of identification.


It costs 500 yen to enter, but this entitles you to all-you-can-eat snacks off the conveyor belt all night.

If you’re after something more substantial than snacks, a light savoury dish or one of the cafe’s signature desserts can be bought for an additional 500 yen each. Drinks, including alcoholic ones, are also 500 yen each, making for quite an affordable evening out.

Cafe Ron Ron are also adding another service which is perfect for fans of Japanese traditional dress. Now you can make your trip to the photogenic sweets cafe even prettier by renting a summer kimono, called a yukata, and wearing it while you eat.


In a collaboration with Air Closet, Cafe Ron Ron allow you to combine the price of the dessert buffet with the yukata rental price for a discount, so you can get yourself a pretty sweet deal.

Check Cafe Ron Ron’s website for more information.

Pink Friday

Yukata De Ron Ron

We tried out Cafe Ron Ron for ourselves, have a look at our article to learn more about the conveyor belt sweets extravaganza.

Source: PR Times

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