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Tokyo Fight Club Bar & Show Restaurant opens


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are only three years away. With the big event drawing near, the amount of foreign tourists will continue to rise, and Japan must adjust to provide a more universally enjoyed form of entertainment.



To meet and satisfy this need, TFC (Tokyo Fight Club Bar & Show Restaurant) has arrived. Located in the heart of Shibuya, TFC is an entertainment venue where visitors can see live shows and fights, along with enjoying top-tier international food and drinks.


An often cited frustration among foreigners visiting Japan is that there are few nightlife hubs where they can freely enjoy themselves without feeling the language barrier.


For this reason, RSK Co Ltd has decided to launch a sports bar where visitors can see live martial arts competitions and other exotic shows, in the vein of clubs in Las Vegas.

Guests can also enjoy delicious food and drinks, live entertainment, and a vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Shibuya at TFC. See you in the ring.


Tokyo Fight Club Bar & Show Restaurant

Chitose Kaikan Bldg 5 Fl

Udagawa-cho 13-8


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Don't get it??

Can I jump in there with one of my mates and duff each other up for the entertainment of everyone else?

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Ladies bikini mud wrestling, Monday - Sunday 8 PM - 11 PM. ¥1000. cover charge.

"Bet with the house on your favorite wrestler!"

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I'm pretty sure that's already part of the plan.

"visitors can see live martial arts competitions and other exotic shows"

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will be an insurance nightmare when fighters get injured

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