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Turning Japanese convenience store bread into gourmet French toast

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By grape Japan

Yamazaki Baking Company's long-selling "Thin Crust Cream Bread" series is a major hit with sweets fans in Japan. In particularly their "Thin Crust Sweet Potato Cream Bread" is a bit of a fan favorite, and can be a bit hard to get our hands on even at Daily Yamazaki convenience stores.

Photo: @02_z3

Foodie fan and Twitter user Ayu (@02_z3) has introduced a way to prepare and upgrade the already tasty treat that has many online salivating. While many choose to simply microwave the miniature sweet potato-flavored buns or even toss them into a hot sandwich press, Ayu showed that you can turn them into some pretty gourmet looking French toast.

Photo: @02_z3

Photo: @02_z3


Ayu says she simply left the buns overnight to soak in egg wash, and that the scent of baking them after immediately was completely different than before. The heavy and rich sweet potato cream into the bread, making for a miniature batch of delicious sweet potato French toast bites. If you can get your hand on this tasty series in Japan, why not try transforming them into some tasty French toast?

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In what way is this "French toast"? It has nothing to do France. Where did this strange idea come from?

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