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U.S. produces version of pricey Japanese Kobe beef


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"Wagyu meat has a higher proportion of unsaturated fat." In proportion to what, total meat or total fat content? I would like scientific proof of this before I believe it. The claim sounds dubious to me.

If the meat is so valuable, why is it ground up and frozen? How does it compare with freshly ground meat? Is there no risk of 0-157 if frozen patties are not properly cooked?

This is not news: it is PR.

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"will become... $13 burgers"

Heck, we have $13 burgers now, at TGI Friday's and Outback Steakhouse!

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LOL...I prefer Canadian and American lean beef. I have had kobe beef, and last December my wife and I stayed in Hida-Furukawa. The ryokan we stayed in served Hida beef everyday. It was fine, but I really do not like the fat taste in a steak. A good cut of Angus kicks Kobe any day for me.

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I gotta try some of that ! I'll ask around and see where Kobe beef is ? I'm in Maryland, and I've never heard of it before ?

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haha, as if there isn't enuf heart attack in USA now :)

but on the up side, the more American's that die = more research into cure = better for the rest of the planet = thank you !

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Wagyu TASTES funny! All that fat and oil! And odd feed - I prefer a classic US chtaeuabriand any day.

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