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'Umeshu' plum wine jelly inspired by a sunset from classical Japanese poetry

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By Ben K, grape Japan

Kano Shojuan Co Ltd 株式会社叶匠寿庵, a company in Shiga Prefecture specializing in wagashi Japanese sweets, is updating "Shimeno," 標野 their famous umeshu plum wine jelly-type wagashi which has been a best-seller for the last 46 years.

Shimeno represents the quality and commitment Kano Shojuan's customers have come to expect. Every step of the process, from growing their own plums, making the plum wine, and creating the sweets, is conducted in-house.

Now in 2020, Shimeno has been completely updated, inside and out. First, the color and flavor has been improved. The original design was a beautiful red color derived from umeshu plum wine made from Joshuhaku plums, and inspired by the sunset on Lake Biwa appearing in a love song from the Manyoshu, one of Japan's most famous literary classics.

Joshuhaku plums Photo: SocialWire Co Ltd

The redesigned version is even more faithful to that literary source, evoking a sunset with a striking two-tone gradation from gold to crimson. The crimson color is achieved with the addition of a new cultivar of plum known as “Tsuyu Akane” 露茜 (akane 茜 being a Japanese color akin to crimson), which also imparts a delicious flavor.

Tsuyu Akane plums Photo: SocialWire Co Ltd

Finally, the shape of the jelly and its ridged design is achieved with new technology representing an industry first. Therefore, in color, shape and taste, Shimeno has been completely redesigned and improved. The new Shimeno will go on sale at Kano Shojuan stores from June 1.

Photo: SocialWire Co Ltd

Product information

Name: 標野 Shimeno

On sale from: June 1

Expiration: 40 days from manufacture

Price: 200 yen individual, 1,150 yen for a box of 5 (excl. tax)


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